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We have created a simple tool to create responsive landing pages in minutes.
This tool is completely free to use:

Ref-hunters landing page generator

In this course you will learn how you to use this tool in the first place but also how to adapt it to your needs. In addition you will learn how to set up a free website to host your landing pages if you do not have your own website already.
Intended Audience: Internet Marketers

Course Curriculum

Presenting the tool
How to use the tool
The website Title
Set the background of the landing page
Useful links for your background
The central part
Call to action
Create a html document
Upload your html document
Free hosting
Let's get a free hosting and free domain name
Put your landing page on your free webpage
How to modify your landing page
The structure of the code
Links that will help you to modify your landing page
Adapt the landing page without coding
Add an opt-in form to your landing page
Erase the footer link on your landing page

Achim Beda


I started as a complete beginner with no knowledge at all with the dream to earn a living on the internet. After two years of learning I manage now to earn money regularly but of course it could be more :-).

I love to build up online courses and to share what I learn with others. I hope this course can help you to reach your own targets.